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My name is didikilroy...hehehe my name is mohd zaidi... I am student, freelance photographer and designer. i hope i will be good designer...


Isnin, 27 Disember 2010

me n my class

This is my second blog.. my first blog is phobiaclick-art.blogspot.   Let me introduce myself... My name Mohd Zaidi bYusof born in Pontian Johor and now studying in Shah Alam..

I created this blog actually for my technical english class project.. For the first assignment, i must post what i learn on the last week classes...
My lecturer give a exercise about adjective, verb and nouns.. He also want to know what movie we like and give some reason.. For me, of course like Transformer because of that film have great graphic n has my favorite artist .. hahaha
I feel quiet up here, so see you on next class and next post..

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