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Isnin, 27 Disember 2010

my class n i

hoola my friennndsss
This week Our class learning about "application letter writing".... ohh no, I failed to write a letter. but I'm trying to write a letter even though my grammar is very bad

The specialities letter writing : asume it's existanse to this date.
1.Relationship between readers and writers.
  -  Opening
                  -  Body
                  -  Closing              
3.The permaname of the letter
 - somesort of a reloved an artibute.
 - snail mail
 - e-mails
: this two types of emails is for apply a jobs. 

Message or content of application letter.
   - How you potray yourself in your writing 
 - The venders emotions or reactions upon reading your writing
  - "speech" "messages" you conveying lines.

and the excercise provide is
to write a letter to get a job at the company's IKEA
1.  Department of textiles
2.  Departments of Lighthing (table,lamps,sporlight)
3.  Department of decorations (wall,clock,frames,pot,artical flowers)
4.  Deparment of organization (storage,boxes,shelves)

picture below is the mark for my letter ... hehehehe

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